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In art I am beautiful, in life I am not the ideal shape.  In my making I am anything, in yours I am the biases of your limited attention.  In life I am genderless, in your moments I am women.  I am flat, and I am form, and I am lines of your subconscious error.  Just lumps of flesh pure, beautiful, limitless. 


Lumps is a sculptural presentation of bodies and consent across themes of materiality, tactility, proprietorship and access. Lumps began as 2D work with wood, small-scale, produced manually, developing themes I’d explored within photography and performance where the lens, and framing of human action replicated film/theatrical settings – and the masking of queer and neurodivergent identity, bodies and gender. Lumps explores the negotiation involved in authoring personal space; of the body in proximity to objects, location and power.


I began to translate these questions around form and authorship outside photography, into sculptural works. With support from East Street Arts Convention House Seed commission in 2022, I’ve accessed mentoring, equipment and training to substantially upscale and refine my work.

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In the Cracks of Moments

It was slow, despite how it felt at the time. All the clues were there within the landscape of our day today. 


Prologue: Maybe I can find my answer in the cracks of these moments, the place where they form. In their births or their deaths. Suspended between two worlds, finding out something new. 


I am inside myself. I am inside the world. I am above and around everything my senses allow me to understand. I am waking-walk-waking-walking. Vibration of a conscious mind. Of my own creation. Of my own forming of this physical world.  Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This was once a fact. Like the earth was once a flat. Disproven over time. What else could we believe in that could be proven wrong? I worry about my memories.

198 souls but one pair of shoes_edited.jpg
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Their Body/Bodies

The word "their" can either mean their own body(ies) or some body(ies) belonging to them.

They should remove fingerprints from their body. (Several people should remove fingerprints from the body of another person. The body belongs to several people.)

They should remove fingerprints from their body. (Several people should remove fingerprints from a single body of theirs)

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The body structure and its relation to function. The fascination of patterns, shapes and lines within our bodies which we can not see.
Breaking down the bones, vessel, joints into shapes, and ideas which are reworked with wood and found materials.
The almost person-like abstract they start form which echoes the frustrations with the stationary point of time caused by the other. Moving parts become still, alone, and  isolated from the bigger picture. An item designed to move separated from its function, a picture of within and a mark made towards a whole that feels incomplete.
How can you make me a person when you only reflect the other which will always create the feeling that I only belong as parts.

Disjointed I, 2020.jpeg
Proudly, 2022_edited.jpg
Proudly, 2022_edited.jpg

Land Shapes

Landshapes is an exploration into finding a sense of authenticity within the self.  Francis is an award winning Welsh born, Leeds based mixed media artist whose work explores ideas of reality and
representation. Memory, immersion, and installation play a key part in the experiences and the archive within the artist’s world and work; the experience of their body in motion, unstoppable timelines, and the environment that doesn't stand still.

Thrown, discarded and found materials are layered with paint, and resin to explore my experiences of feelings hidden, making work which invokes beauty within what is often disregarded. The sense of the
forgotten, encased within hardened shells, not to be reworked again.

The touchable landshapes reach out to the viewer to explore both as a visual and tactile piece, the lands and the materials both hidden and exposed within the work. This vulnerability, a sense of space travelled not only by one maker, and a nod towards the taboo of touching the art, the body, and allowance of immersion within a piece of the
You have my consent, my body, my land, my home.

A Short Series of Chairs - sack, 2020_edited.jpg

A Short Series of Chairs

A Short Series Of Chairs is a performance based on relocating memories and presenting ideas in self portraits as chairs. When reinterpreting
the facts and fictions of her past, Francis never fixes meaning to impulsive performance, pre-planned stages or fragments of reality, all of which remain tangible within her work.

At first glance the work conveys reality in the way that  photography demands as a medium and, upon closer inspection, the secrets contained within the images unfold. Playing with our perceptions, often creating an anxious tension between presence of representation and the absence of reality.

A Short Series of Chairs - sack, 2020_edited.jpg