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Meet Sarah Francis

the Artist

Sarah Francis is a transdisciplinary artist who works predominantly with paint, sculpture and photography. Francis uses the exhibition space, photographic lens and viewer interaction as key elements that define and frame the artworks physical form while acknowledging its off-stage possibilities and capacity to morph within view.


Francis’ works both conform within and intrude beyond the physical space they occupy, replicating the acts of masking and framing that have characterised her neurodiverse and queer identity, and the energy spent meeting societally perceived norms. Film and photography influence Francis' exploration of these dual identities, and the imperfection and ephemerality of memory, of what’s real or re-collected. Francis art playfully presents multiple (framed & un-framed) realities, offering interpretations that hold darkness and joy.

Her work has been shortlisted for the Saatchi Gallery’s Art of Giving Prize, selected by Richard Billingham for Curator’s Choice Noise Young Talent 2009, and recognised in Aesthetica’s 100 Best Contemporary Artists in Europe.