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Meet Sarah Francis

the Artist

Sarah Francis works with sculpture and photography exploring ideas of reality and representation. Fascinated with the uncanny duality of identity, the artist gathers and relocates particular events that were once lost, forgotten or left behind. Francis concentrates on intertwining traces of dreams and memories to create physical landscapes and portraits. This manifests itself through artworks that intrude into the exhibition space using both playful and darker aspects that are a catalyst for audience interactions.

Francis’ work centres around her neuro-diverse and queer identity, building her own language and worlds to explore and understand ‘how I made me’ a reference to an early body of work that investigated her inner trauma and re-articulation of her current self.

Her work has been shortlisted for the Saatchi Gallery’s Art of Giving Prize, selected by Richard Billingham for Curator’s Choice Noise Young Talent 2009, and recognised in Aesthetica’s 100 Best Contemporary Artists in Europe.


the Curator

Sarah Francis is a Leeds based Artist Curator who focuses on bringing under-recognised artists and narratives to the public, using empathy and warmth to build self-confidence in creatives left behind by the mainstream system. Fascinated by complex possibilities lying dormant in ‘familiar’ environments, setting a challenging dialogue between cultural identity and the inner worlds which we as artists manifest within our work. This conceptual framework draws parallels between artists from differing socio-cultural worlds, whose work follows similar lines in metaphysical realms. Francis' interpretation of the curator is that of a caretaker of other worlds, working in collaboration as the tour guide and storyteller, bringing these converging manifestations to our physical spaces.