Mentoring and Coaching for Creatives

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Supporting Artists

I offer support to artists from all walks of life, and in all stages of their art practice to pursue and develop their arts career. With 20 years’ experience as an Artist, Curator and Creative Director of Aire Place Studios I have real life understanding of building a career in the arts, and can help to motivate, collaborate and strategise your ideas! 

I have lived experience, and experience working with and for creative people from a wide range of backgrounds, including invisible and visible disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health conditions. 

I have experience in developing successful funding bids up to £100,000 through my role as part of a not for profit business and as a freelance artist and curator. I offer advice in obtaining funding for all arts-based projects and can assist you with finding suitable funding and completing the application process, as well as any reporting requirements during and after your project if you are successful. 

Creatives with access needs may be eligible to apply for access support funding from the Arts Council and other funders; always enquire with the relevant funding body as this is not always advertised. This support funding means you can nominate me to assist you in making your application and running the project at the funding body’s expense- why struggle when help can be on hand! By nominating me I can help you to understand the funding, review and develop your ideas, draft budgets and activity plans, and help you submit. I employ an experienced copy editor who can assist with writing your ideas in a clear and concise manner, and ensure all submissions are proofed and ready to send.

I am open to enquiries about one-to-one mentoring. I have no set fee and will try my best to accommodate everyone on a sliding scale, or signpost you to spaces or people who might better meet your needs. For Arts Council funding, such as Developing Your Creative Practice, there are outlined fees covered by the Arts Council that you can apply for to get the support you need. Many other funding bodies will provide similar, or ask for a quote from your nominated support worker if you are eligible for the funding opportunity and need access support. 

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